My partner Dick Schubert and I have know each other for many years. We both live on Vashon Island and maintain substantial wooded property. We are both very familiar with the demands of the Construction Do It Yourself (CDIY). The following story is an example of what we have learned about the strengths and weaknesses of traditional tools used for basic construction tasks.

Dick has run a business on the side for many years supplying consumers with used rail road ties. These are very popular for use in landscaping and sometimes even fencing.

It was during one of the later events that Dick discovered a real problem using a traditional construction level.

Railroad ties are not light. Dick used his tractor with front loader the hold the ties vertically while setting them in place. The downside of this is the process of getting the post level on two axis suddenly becomes a very laborious task as he would have to get out of the tractors cab, check for level, get back in the cab and move the loader a little bit, repeat. Needless to say this was a very labor intensive process. Dick felt there must be a better way.

That’s when Dick contacted me (Robert Donker) knowing of my engineering experience to discuss possible options that would make this easier and safer. After some experimenting and endless prototypes we developed the product we aim to produce today. This is a completely new way of measuring angles or checking for level of an object while (if necessary) maintaining a safe distance and improving productivity.

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