Dick Schubert

Dick’s family example of creativity and invention, and his natural ‘hands-on’ approach to life is at the core of his inventiveness. Envisioning and pursuing new product ideas is as natural to him as breathing. Given the combination of both his creative passion and his engineer’s mind – developing high-tech creations was an obvious life path. This makes him an ideal CEO.

His early studies found him immediately in both a technically-oriented and artistic environment. He attended UC Berkeley in the College of Architecture and later San Francisco Art Institute where he received a BFA degree in Painting and Sculpture. He then entered the Graduate Art Program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY and received an MFA degree majoring in sculpture.

Dick and his wife then relocated to Seattle WA, where he taught at both the Garfield High School Magnet (one of the first multi-discipline facilities at a public school) as well as at various local community colleges.

It was on Vashon Island that his inventor’s inclination and entrepreneurial spirit was given full range. In his studio he produced significant art works, both large and small and created a number of businesses. It was at this stage Dick introduced high-tech learning into his framework – working with computer technology and developing problem-solving capacities in this arena.

Dick’s creative “what if” Imagineering then led him to doggedly pursue a patent for OTL’s smart device over many years….and so a company was born.

Robert P. Donker

As CTO, Robert’s impressive career is invaluable. Robert’s first love of music resulted in a bachelor degree in Computer Generated Music / 20 th Century composition from the Evergreen State College in 1981. He developed the degree while working as the electronic music lab tech with his instructor Greg Stienke and the Dean of the Music Department.

He then pursued ‘computer programming’ (insert correct term!)as the first senior Designer Engineer hired for Nintendo of America. He held this position for more than 8 years. At Nintendo he designed several consumer products, POP displays and aided in the analyses of new products including assisted game developers with technical issues as well as on-going support for their digital sound/ music studio.

From there Robert moved into studying object-oriented programming as a lead Java Architect and was employed by a major consulting firm. He serviced top tier clients such as Microsoft (Visual Studio 6), ATT Wireless (NBO project) and Concur. He then joined revolutionary start-up Performant which was being funded by Madrona Venture Group. While he was at Performant, Robert moved to the Systems Mnager position which offered the opportunity to use his diverse experience to solve complex problems that occur while developing products for a wide variety of current and legacy platforms used by Fortune 500 companies.

Robert is currently involved in starting new businesses that will help stimulate the local economy and help resolve issues with natural resources.

Cosmo Harrigan

Cosmo Harrigan is a creative, self-directed learner and passionate human being. He left school to pursue his own education at the age of seventeen. He went on to become the customer service manager for a large online retail business and soon after transferred to database administrator. His strengths are out of the box thinking, attention to detail and understanding the relationships between fairly distinct parts of a system.

His first professional experience programming was as database administrator for Streamline Audio Video where he created their product data procedures. He spearheaded the transition from a small business to a large online retail business selling on multiple channels and scaled the product database into hundreds of thousands of items. He enjoyed challenges of dealing with large datasets from a myriad of sources, and had to employ creative solutions to maintain correctness.

After several years (living) in the database, he took a break from technology to study wilderness survival and primitive skills at the Anake Outdoor Program in Duvall, WA. Here he honed his awareness and creative thinking skills. During this time he worked with a group of activists to keep a large multi-national from turning a wildlife habitat, park, and critical marine ecosystem into a gravel mine. They were able to buy the time needed and eventually won the legal battle to keep the site in conservation.

He got back into programming by learning JavaScript, vim, git and then the web stack and studying functional programming concepts. He is currently focusing on Node.js application development and asynchronous programming. His next major learning goal is to get comfortable with the Rust programming language.

Cosmo lives on Vashon Island with his wife and two children. He likes to play very involved board games, playing jazz music, writing code, and spending time outside.

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